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Sunday, April 17, 2016

My First Ipsy Glam Bag (April 2016 Review)

Happy Monday! This week is a review on Ipsy's Glam Bag!

I've been wanting to try a beauty subscription box for a long time...and I finally decided that time was now. I signed up for Ipsy (one of the more well known subscription choices). I also signed up for Petit Vour, which is a cruelty free and vegan box. I'll make a post about that box, when I receive it. 

For only ten dollars (free shipping), I figured I had very little to lose. Once my payment was confirmed, I took a quiz that helped determine what products would be sent to me. 

I was put on a waiting list - One thing that I didn't love about Ipsy, is that all over their website and in emails, they tell you that you can skip the wait list or receive early access to see what's in your bag....But - the catch is that you must promote Ipsy on all of your social media accounts... 

They ask you to send their link to Facebook friends, follow all their official accounts, etc. Thankfully, unlike many stories I have heard, I only had to wait a month. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

I went to the mailbox a few days ago and was happy to discover a shiny pink package with my name on it. When I opened it, I found a cute, little cosmetic bag with all my surprise goodies inside.  

There are two opportunities ahead of time to figure out what you will be receiving. The first is before the packages are shipped. You can find out all the products for the month...(They send out different variations of their bag each month). They'll want you to promote them on social media to get "early access."  The second, is a couple days before your Glam Bag arrives, you can log in to your account and see what items you specifically will be receiving. I personally like the element of surprise. 

Here are the products I was given in my Glam Bag this month:

1. Tarte Cosmetics - 

LipSurgence™ lip crรจme in wonder

Retails for $24 

I've liked the brand for a while because they're known for having cruelty free and vegan products. I wasn't sure if I would love the color, but I ended up liking it. If I were buying it myself, I'd probably choose a different shade, but I will definitely use this lip color. It went on easily and has a very moisturizing feeling. Nice and creamy. It didn't require much touch up. I also have been sick the past week and my lips were chapped...Usually that's a recipe for disaster, but after the application, it looked smooth and you couldn't even tell my lips were chapped. No flaking! 

2. Starlooks -
Creme Eye Shadow in Rose Gold 

I love metallic colors and was super excited to try this eyeshadow. It was easy to apply using just the wand it came with and dried fairly fast. This was my favorite item in my Ipsy Glam Bag!

3. Crown Brush-
C427 Duo Fiber Blush Brush
Retails for $23.73...on sale for $9.49

I was happy to find that I received a makeup brush. I love trying new brushes. This particular brush is used for blush and highlighter. 

The bristles are very soft and the handle has a great grip. I would love to receive brushes quite often from Ipsy!

4. Moroccanoil 
(This was a sample size)

I love using argan oil. I'm familiar with this brand, but hadn't tried it before. 

It has a really wonderful smell and helps to make hair softer and tame frizz. 

5. Jor'el Parker -

Fango Face Mask

(This also was a sample size)

I haven't tried this product yet...but I'm looking forward to it. The company is cruelty free and vegan. This face mask is made with almond oil, avocado oil, green tea and volcanic ash minerals. It can also be used on your body. 

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend Ipsy. You get far more than $10.00 in value and who doesn't want to try new products? 

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Have you tried a beauty subscription box before?

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  1. Wait, I think you got such an amazing assortment of Beauty goods! I might have to sign up! I literally want everything you got!! So fun!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  2. What a shame , I am in Spain . Would be too much hassle , but that Fango Mud Therapy looks really good ! I love pampering myself ๐Ÿ˜Š Lovely stuff you have got there , brilliant deal !

  3. This is very new to me. Sounds awesome!

  4. I absolutely love aran oil. A friend of mine recommend this to me and haven't stopped using it since then.

  5. So nice, I love makeup! I'll have to consider this for sure. Love the bags too!

  6. How lovely that this comes in such gorgeous packaging! Love your review.

  7. I love ipsy, such great products for a great price too! The cosmetic bags are always adorable too

  8. It’s great value. I wonder if there is something similar in the UK?

  9. I used to get Birchbox packages, but I didn't care for or need most of the products. This assortment seems much better!

  10. I keep hearing really good things about Ipsy, so I'm definitely going to have to look into it more!

  11. I love the moroccan oil!!!! Use it weekly..

  12. I have never heard of this subscription box before - it looks good

  13. This looks amazing! I've never heard of this before so I might do a little research about this later :-)

    <3: Jasmin N |

  14. It seems an extraordinary experience and I really think to try this sometime! Thank you for the detailed description of each product!

  15. I have been wating to try Argan oil. How do you like it?

  16. I never know when it comes to beauty subscription boxes. I've has a few in the past that have been hit and miss but this one looks good, I like the idea of knowing what you are getting as well.

  17. I only tried Birchbox once and loved the variety of products! I think it's a great way to try new things without the big packages

  18. I haven't tried most of these items but I also like argan oil :)

  19. Everything came in a pink wrap sounds amazing! Theses goodies are cool! I loved Tatrt lippies totally my color xx