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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Each holiday season, I do some digging on the internet to find unique gifts for my friends and family. Here are eleven gifts you can order right now!

1. Disco Ball Diffuser $34-$42

I feel like this is something everyone needs...A diffuser that also doubles as a rotating disco ball with 7 different mood light colors!

2. Crunch Cup - Cereal on the Go $20-$30 (Depends on how you purchase...Through amazon or the main website)

I am a big fan of food related gadgets and this CrunchCup is a great gift. No worrying about soggy cereal or rushing to eat your bowl in the morning. You can take this with you on the go and it doesn't require a spoon or a bowl to be laying around your car.  When you go to take a "sip," both the cereal and the milk merge.

I've tried numerous vitamin c products and I always come back to Ole Henricksen. One of the highlights of shopping during the holidays for me is the beauty gift sets.
This Radiance Retreat Skincare Set is valued at $131 and is on sale at Sephora right now for $46.20. 
This set comes with their Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum, Strength Trainer Peptide Moisturizer, and Banana Bright Eye Cream.


This printer uses Bluetooth and thermal inkless technology. I can't wait to get this one. It can connect to an app where you can print labels and stickers.

This is a pretty cool gift for any music lover!

This serves a dual purpose; clean your toothbrush and store it from new bacterial growth. It fits most toothbrushes and can be adjusted to fit larger toothbrushes. 

7. Personalized Pillow $16.99-$53.99 (Depending on size)

If you want to get a gift for someone that has everything or whose pet is their child, you can get them a personalized photo pillow. It comes pre-stuffed. Look at the Amazon reviews for examples of the best kind of pictures to use.

Legos aren't just for children. There are so many options to choose from. There's 608 pieces; It would make a fun, weekend project! You can find a Lego set for anyone. From, a NASCAR car to a Friends Central Perk scene.

This wireless charging station comes in a variety of colors and charges an iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods. 

10. Cozy Loungewear Set $33.98

You can never go wrong with a cozy loungewear set. The reviews mention that this set is super soft, and people want to live in it. It comes in seven different colors.

11. Total Body Vibration Plate ($79.99-$149.99)

If you've never used one of these, you need to start. This is a game changer! I became familiar with these devices about 10 or so years ago. You can sit or stand on this vibration plate. Some gyms or chiropractors utilize this. I use it for lymphatic and oxygen circulation. It also helps burn fat and after a workout, this machine can help by reducing muscle soreness. Some say that it aids in weight loss, as the vibrations cause your muscles to contract and relax many times per second, which makes you feel as if you are exerting yourself and went through a workout.

I love trying new snacks. 

I saw Pulp Pantry on Shark Tank. They have made a healthy chip out of fresh vegetable pulp. They are made using organic, fresh veggies and chia seeds. Gluten free, plant based, full of fiber and each serving is around 150 calories. The link above is to the brand's website, but you can also find them on Thrive Market.

I first discovered these chicken protein chips in 2019, when I worked for a Kiss My Keto as an ambassador at the Paleo FX event in Austin, Texas. This was my favorite snack find there. I still enjoy eating these chips to this day. Their chips are made from chicken breast, egg whites and bone broth. The only comparable protein chips I've found, use milk protein powder or chicken skin and. These are hands down, my go to snack.

What's on your wishlist this holiday season? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. The 2023 holiday gift guide has a treasure trove of ideas! The recommendations are on point, and I'm getting major gifting inspo - prefect for this holiday.

  2. I super love all of them! The Ole Gift Set is super awesome and affordable! I will get it.

  3. These holiday gifts and the collection looks awesome, utility based and very affordable!