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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Here's To You, Jerry Hall

This week's blog is on one of my favorite people, Jerry Hall.

Video Tribute can be found here: Jerry Hall - International Smile

I'm fascinated by the lifestyle as well as the people of the 70's and 80's...Particularly, the party scene of Studio 54. I've admired Jerry for quite some time, and about a month ago I bought her coffee-table autobiography, where I learned a lot more about her.

She was one of the most photographed people from her era.

Born in Texas, she was a true country girl. At age 16, Jerry, jet-setted off to Paris in hopes of becoming a model. Within a week, she was spotted sunbathing on a beach in Saint-Tropez. A man approached her asking if she wanted to be a model. The next thing she knew she was living in Paris, with models from the agency she now belonged to. For a while, Grace Jones and her were roommates.

After being in Paris for less than two years, she was offered to model in New York for Ford Models and accepted. By the time Jerry Hall was 21, she had graced the cover of over 40 different magazines.
In the 1970s/1980s models weren't the "celebrities" that we see now. Without Jerry Hall, Grace Jones, Lauren Hutton and a handful of others, models would not be who they are today. They paved the way for so many to become ultra famous, and project the life of glamour and fame. It's because of these women that models have names for themselves and are no longer just nameless faces in ads.

While in New York, Hall became engaged to Bryan Ferry, lead singer of the band Roxy. You can see her appearance in the band's music video,"Let's Stick Together." After about two years, she left Ferry for Mick Jagger. They went on to spend over twenty years together and have four children; Elizabeth (Lizzie), James, Georgia May, and Gabriel. 

Jerry frequented the famous New York City nightclub, Studio 54. There she mingled with some of the most interesting and important people of that time period. She was good friends with Andy Warhol and Karl Lagerfeld, hung out with Salvador Dali....etc

While filming a chocolate commercial, she was on break and met a set designer for the movie Batman. She asked for a role, and ended up playing Jack Nicholson's girlfriend in the 1989 film.

As for today?

She's starred in the theatrical production of The Graduate, as Mrs. Robinson in London's West End, throughout North America, and in 2010 in Australia.

She also played the Wicked Queen in a production of Snow White at the Richmond Theatre in London.

She was a contestant on the UK's, Strictly Come Dancing (Similar to Dancing With The Stars).

Jerry can also be found in The Guinness Book of World Records, for acting in six West End plays in one night. Not surprising, when you hear that back in the day, in two weeks, she walked 37 fashion shows! What can't this woman do?

In recent years she has been linked to a number of charitable organizations. She was part of TK Maxx's campaign (TJ Maxx in the United States), encouraging people to donate clothes, which in turn raised money for cancer research. She's an advocate for taking care of our planet, and teamed up with longtime friend and designer Vivienne Westwood, with Greenpeace, for a "Save The Arctic Campaign." Jerry has been an ambassador for a homeless organization in London called, Emmaus. She auctioned various designer pieces from her personal wardrobe and raised around 30,000 dollars.
Jerry also Participated in a photo shoot with her oldest daughter, Lizzie, for Fishlove, which raises awareness to the unsustainable fishing practices that are destroying our ecosystem. 

Below is my video tribute to Jerry. Enjoy!

Click the link for more information on her book, Jerry Hall: My Life In Pictures

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  2. OBSESSED! This was so major inspo for my Monday morning! xoxo

  3. This is a really lovely post, I didn't know too much about her so thank you for sharing! Xx

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  5. Great post. I love Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger

  6. Great tribute to her life! Loved it!

  7. I have been pretty enamored with the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s for the last couple of months. I'm actually working on a photo shoot concept for next month involving some of the fashion of the 70s in my American Hustle themed shoot!

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