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Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Shopping Haul

Happy December! I can't believe how close we are to the end of 2015!  With the holidays coming up, I've certainly been doing a lot of shopping...I surprisingly already got something for everyone on my list and almost have all the gifts wrapped. All that's left to do is to finish the holiday cards...I only have 75 more. :O Anyone want to be my assistant? Just kidding. 

Since, I can't show you some of the great gifts I bought (wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for any of my family or friends), I thought I would do a shopping haul blog. Below are 11 items I've purchased in the last month (BTW I got all these items for about $200. Retail they would have been over $400). 

I also linked you to the items :)


Kohls- The Big One Super Soft Plush Throw
The blanket that the items are laying on and the one that was used as my backdrop in my pictures, were on sale at Kohls...They are such great quality and who doesn't want a pretty blanket during these cold months?

Nine West It Girl Large Tote- Mulled Berry                  
I have a bit of an obsession with purses and I've been eyeing a purple Kate Spade purse for a little over a year now. The price of the Kate Spade bag is over $300, I ended up finding this Nine West Tote on sale for only $30! I just got it a few days ago and I absolutely love it. It's definitely my new purse when traveling on a plane...It has a lot of room inside. If you click the link, you'll find an image of the interior. Super cute pattern! 

Nasty Gal- Skinny Scarf
I love scarves...When I go out of town, I like to find a scarf to bring back. Most of my scarves hold a memory of a place I've been or tell some story. Skinny scarves have been my new favorite look. I was shopping on Nasty Gal for the first time (I've been admiring their clothes for some time) and saw this polka dot scarf. It went perfect with the blue cape dress I was buying and so I just had to get it. 

Heart Eye Emoji Pillow
What's not to love about an emoji pillow? These pillows came in three different versions, and I went with the heart eye emoji pillow. I bought mine at Rue 21, but they are no longer available there....I did find them at Sears and attached that link. 

Ugly Sweaters
With the holidays coming up, how could I go wrong with an abominable snowman sweater? I got the sweater from Rue 21 and they're sold out of this item too! The link above is to Ugly Sweaters at Kohls...They have a pretty good price compared to other places I've looked.

Humans of New York
If you aren't familiar with Humans of New York...A man began taking photographs of strangers walking the streets of New York. He then began adding a quote or short story from them which was a glimpse into their life. The Facebook page currently has over 16 million likes and the book above is a New York Times bestseller! The book came out in October and would make a great holiday gift. The book retails for $29.99, but it can be purchased through Barnes and Noble for $17.64.


                                                                       Elephant Necklace
I've come to find elephants as lucky symbols in my life. I wear an elephant ring and have elephant apparel, but I have been looking for an elephant necklace for a long time. While Black Friday shopping, my best friend found this necklace. It's exactly what I have been looking for. It was on clearance for $12 and then with other discounts I bought it for less than $8. I don't have a link to my exact necklace, but I did attach another cute elephant necklace that I found on their website.

One of my friends gave me a gift card for American  (Thanks Ilana!!) Eagle...Honestly, I had been in there a couple times, but never bought anything. I ended up finding some really great stuff and it's one of my new favorite places to shop. I admit to wearing a lot of leggings in the wintertime, but I also love a comfy and stylish pair of jeans. These jeggings that I got from American Eagle are super soft, stretch, and I would highly recommend trying a pair on if you haven't already. They come in a variety of colors and are on sale currently for $37.46. 
The knit sweater is really flattering and I love it. I might have purchased it in three different colors....They retail for $45 and I got each sweater for about $15! If you buy one on their website, you can get it for $17.50. You have to add the sweater to your cart to see your final saving.


                                                 Nasty Gal- Fly Girl Asymmetrical Cape Dress
Here is the cape dress I mentioned earlier. Doesn't it look nice with the blue dress? I've become a fan of the cape dress and cape coat look. I had wanted this dress for a while, but hesitated because of the price. A week ago, I was listing an item on Poshmark to sell, and the dress popped up. The person was selling it for about half the retail price. I then decided to see if the item was still on Nasty Gal's website and much to my delight, it was marked down even lower than the one on Poshmark. So, of course I had to get it! Happy Hanukkah to me! 


I was at TJ Maxx and saw this adorable silver dress! They had a bunch of silver and gold juniors dresses....All metallic, shiny and sparkly! Perfect for the holiday season and how can you go wrong at $16.99? I didn't find the exact dress on their website, but I linked you to a similar one. The brand of the dress I have is Rolla Costar.

Did you go Black Friday shopping? Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Let me know what you think of this blog post!

P.S. Thank you Ashley for taking such awesome pictures of me!

Until Next Time,