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Monday, November 2, 2015

My Halloweekend

This week's blog post is about the month of October and Halloween, one of my favorite days of the year. 

This October I....

Carved my first pumpkin EVER. 
Took my best friend to her first cider mill
Played in the leaves.
Became obsessed with everything pumpkin (as a lot of us do each year). 
Had a fall photo shoot (which you can see in my previous post)
Planned my annual Halloween party

Here are some of the highlights:


Not too bad for my first carvings, right? :P

My best friend moved to Michigan from California and this was her first official fall. I had to take her to the a cider mill. I look forward to drinking cider and munching on some donuts every year!

Halloween has always been exciting to me because I love being able to create my costume and bring it to life. I host a party annually and enjoy decorating the space and making homemade festive goodies!

This year I decided I wanted to be a mermaid. I searched numerous Halloween stores, Etsy, etc and found pieces of my costume from various places. 
I hand painted my sea shell bra and found on Pinterest how to make scales on my face (using fishnets). 

I used Jeffree Star "I'm Royalty" Velour Liquid Lipstick on my lips and eyebrows. 

I decided to change up my costume for Halloween party night #2. I went as a hippie fairy...which if you know me isn't too far off from my every day vibe. During the month of October, I wore fairy wings out and about, around town. A lot of times my style can be described as boho chic/60's free spirit. 

 Flower Headband: Claire's
 Lace Flower Tank: Francesca's
 Yoga Pants: Teeki
 Fringe Boots: Minnetonka 


I also thought I would show you some of the food I made for the party.

Bloody Eyeball Eggs 

Pumpkin Pretzel Bites

Puking Pumpkin 


What do you think of my costumes? :) What did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up? I'd love to hear from you. 

Until next time...



  1. awesome blog!!! did u realize when you were a mermaid u had a fork in your back of your hair?

  2. Well chronicled & the picture selection was nicely chosen to tie it all together. Also, the time & effort that you expended on costumes, carvings, food...etc., certainly made all of this nicely personal.