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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday Tunes - January 2017

Happy Tuesday!  If I really like a song, I could listen to it over and over, for hours. Here are some of the songs I currently have been enjoying (Click the song title to be taken to YouTube to listen to each song)!

Because The Night by Patti Smith

This is what I usually am belting out while in the car :P

Rebel Heart by Madonna

I love this song so much. The melody, the personal lyrics, just everything about it.

Evening In Space By Daphne Guinness

When I listen to Daphne's music, I connect...It's not just the words, but the overall vibe. It speaks to my soul. You'll have to go check out some of her songs, if you want to really understand what I mean. 

Ruby Tuesday by Darby Walker

Eighteen year old, Darby Walker sang this on The Voice. She has such a unique sound and it's as if she came out of the 60s and 70s. Darby chose to sing this song in a way that one of my favorite singers, Melanie Safka did...I love when people do covers of songs and truly make it unique. 

Last Time by Idina Menzel 

I'm a big fan of Idina. She released a new album a few months ago and this was one of the songs on it. It was used in the remake of the 80's movie, Beaches, which recently premiered with Idina Menzel and Nia Long. It can be tricky to like a remake for many reasons, but this one in my opinion was done very well. The cast was superb and this song made me emotional.

Setting The World On Fire by Kenny Chesney featuring Pink

Both of these artists have amazing voices and have done some wonderful duets...This song definitely does not disappoint.

Beautiful by Carole King

After seeing the musical based on her life a couple of weeks ago, this song has been one of my most played. I love to listen to it in the morning. It starts my day off right.

Little Do You Know by Alex and Sierra

Alex and Sierra are a duo who won The X Factor USA. This is such a beautiful song and I really love to sing it.

In G-d's Time by Tehrah

My lovely friend, Tehrah is a singer and songwriter. Currently, I have been listening to this song on repeat...But let's be honest, when don't I have one of her original songs or covers stuck in my head?

Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel

This song is a classic and I always end up dancing when this is playing. 

What are some of the songs you are currently listening to? Make it a great week!

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  1. Great selection of music. Who doesn't know the one and only Madonna!

  2. I don't know any of these songs, although I do know some of the artists-- is my age showing?

  3. I'm not familiar with some of these songs but like Wendy I know some of the artists. Thanks for suggesting I'll check them out.

  4. I will now have Simon and Garfunkel's song stuck in my head the rest of the day. I love the variety in this music list!!

  5. What great songs. I really enjoy Idina's voice so I imagine I'd like her album.

  6. love madonna and alex and sierra, their voices and the lyrics <3

  7. I lean more towards the classics. I think this is a great playlist altogether. There's nothing like listening to music to keep you energized throughout the day.

  8. Great picks, these. Right now I've been loving the 1990s playlists on Amazon Prime. Blasts from the past! :)

  9. Love, love , love Idina Menzel and Patty smith and of course Simon and Garfunkel. Have to check out some of these tunes :)

  10. These are some pretty awesome tunes. I love making my own playlist and putting songs that help me get through the day or the week.

  11. Nice Collection! I prefer romantic music, like 70´s 80´s instead of pop...


  12. I love a great song every now and again to life my mood. I am loving all of your selections.

  13. I dont listen to much music anymore, but when I do, it makes my heart happy. I am usually listening to podcasts. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Simon and Garfunkel were before my time, but I still love them. Love some of the other artists on your list, too.

  15. Oooo so many great tunes!!! I totally forgot about a few of these!!!!!!

  16. Great selection! I have not heard of all of these but will definitely have to check them out!

  17. For the last 3 months I have been blasting The Weekend's albums and dancing to them. Not heard any of these before

  18. What a great list. Last time is quiet close to my heart as well. Music is life..isn't it

  19. You have a great selection here. Tehrah is one of my favourites.