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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Carry On Travel Essentials

My Carry On Travel Essentials

I'm currently on a surprise birthday trip to Los Angeles (a present from my dad...Thanks dad) and I thought I'd share with you my essential travel items.

Besides a checked bag, I bring a backpack and a large purse on the plane with me. The backpack holds a lot of the extra stuff that didn't fit in my suitcase and the purse is for everything I'll need for the duration of the flight.


I got these as a birthday gift from my friend Samantha. They fold up and are perfect for traveling.


These were a birthday present that I bought for myself. I take sunglasses almost everywhere I go!


Phone charger, Ipad Mini, and a power bank for extra charge. 

Reading Material:

I chose to bring four books (I generally also might buy a magazine at the airport). 

Don't Mind If I Do By George Hamilton

Joi Lansing - A Body To Die For - A Love Story By Alexis Hunter

Singing The Song Of Life : One Woman's Symphony By Debra Beryle

The Lady, The Legend, The Truth By Lana Turner

Accommodations for resting:

Neck Pillow and Blanket


I use one of my Ipsy bags and carry some of my must haves with me.... Pressed powder, an "everything" balm, lipstick, highlighting powder, an eyeshadow stick, blush, contour stick, and an anti frizz hair product.

To combat any anxiety:

EarPlanes- These are seriously a lifesaver. When I was really young, I would constantly have ear infections. I ended up having tubes put in and throughout my life I have always had a lot of wax buildup. On a plane, my ears are really sensitive and I no longer have to worry about them getting blocked thanks to Earplanes. I also experience little popping and less pain. I don't like traditional earplugs because they are uncomfortable etc, but these are soft and don't go all the way in the ear. They also tune out sounds. You only need to keep them in until the plane has reached maximum altitude and then again when descending. 

Rescue Remedy-  I buy the candy pastilles form and they are a natural stress reliever. A friend of mine had me try these a few years ago and now they're always in my purse. They really help when I am feeling anxious.

Thieves Oil-  This essential oil blend is made up of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I make sure to spray this. It also helps with my breathing when I am having some anxiety.

Sea Bands- This is the first time I have traveled with this product. Typically you use this to help with motion sickness or morning sickness. Sea Bands are a knitted band which have a plastic stud that rest on an acupressure point on your wrist. The same pressure point used to help with nausea also can help with stress and anxiety. 

Nasal Spray- Helps me to breathe when I'm really congested. 

Calm (By Natural Vitality)- This is a magnesium supplement that has a number of uses. I use it when I'm feeling anxious. By taking this on a regular basis, it helps with your overall health. Besides helping with my anxiety, it also helps with PMS, constipation, low energy levels, etc. 

Other Necessary Items:

Tissues, Gum, Wallet, Notebook to write in, Snacks (I usually bring protein bars or granola bars of some sort), Deodorant, Underwear (You never know when that will come in handy), Business Cards, Purell, Bandaids, Sanitary Products, and a Toothbrush and Toothpaste.

What are some of your essential items when flying? Where is your next adventure? 

As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment below or feel free to email me at TheZenFashionista@Gmail.Com 

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  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks like you have a lot of stuff to carry. For the books I have opted for Kindle already a while ago. It allows me to have all my books without the need to carry heavy stuff around. ;)

  3. My must haves are kleenex and hand sanitizer.

  4. My must haves are kleenex and hand sanitizer.

  5. Yes! I cannot live without headphones on a flight. Yours look great!

  6. Being a mum, my must have carry on space is filled with bits and bobs to entertain my girls. Haha! I can't go anywhere without my glasses and my lipbalm.

  7. Electronic devices, headphones, and a good book (or three) are absolute musts for me. Some snacks and water also help make the flight more comfortable.

    Emma |

  8. Being a bit of a list girl.......I loved this!

  9. As always, stated eloquently. Much of the list is a little gender specific, which eliminates me, however, the bulk of the list is an efficient summary.

  10. Such a great help me alot to keep my essential in order that mostly I forget and remember outside

  11. Such a great help me alot to keep my essential in order that mostly I forget and remember outside