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Monday, June 27, 2016

My 2016 Summer Bucket List

Since summer is officially here, I thought I would make a list of things I want to do and see.

Here are 15 "activities" and adventures that have made my list. 

1. Drive-In Movie

I've seen Drive-ins in countless movies, TV shows, etc and they have always looked like so much fun!

2. Motown Museum 

The Motown Museum is a historical landmark. A lot of the music that I enjoy comes from the "Motown" era and the museum seems so intriguing.

3. Check out the newer vegan restaurants near me (GreenSpace Cafe and Chive Kitchen)

I'm always up for trying a new vegetarian, vegan or health conscious restaurant. GreenSpace Cafe was founded by cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn and his son Daniel. It's located in Ferndale.
Chive Kitchen is in downtown Farmington and I am excited to try one of their veggie dog combinations.

4. Spend the day at Ikea

Ikea is somewhere that I can say I've never been. My best friend talks about it all the time and she's made it sound like it's Disneyland or something. Plus they apparently have a pretty great restaurant from what I have heard.

5. Go to the Detroit Zoo

I haven't been to the zoo since I was really little, and they've added so many cool exhibits! The Penguins have just arrived, and I'd really love to see them.

6. Try Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is something that as a chronic pain sufferer, I have considered. It is known to reduce inflammation, and pain and help with fatigue and the immune system. How it works is that you step into a chamber of sorts and your body is exposed to extremely cool temperatures for two to three minutes. Your skin reacts to the cold by releasing endorphins and sends a message to the brain which stimulates regulatory functioning.

7. Take a road trip with friends

Road trips are something that I've always loved. Really, traveling in general. I love exploring new places and road trips are a wonderful way to make memories.

8. Go to a bonfire

What summer wish list is complete without a good bonfire? Honestly, bonfires are a staple of summer. S'mores, Food, friends. Warm summer nights by the fire. What could be better?

9. Create a new vision board

Vision Board's are something that I've talked about before and highly recommend. A vision board is where you take words, images, and things that represent your goals and desires and manifest them in a aesthetically pleasing way.

I like to make a new one a few times a year.

For more details on vision boards, you can click here to read my blog post on the topic.

10. Visit an aquarium (Belle Isle Conservatory or Downtown Aquarium in Denver) 

I've never been to an aquarium before, but have always wanted to go. Here in Michigan we have one in Detroit. The aquarium is on Belle Isle which is an island park that also has a conservatory, nature zoo, and museum.

11. Attend Colorfest or the Michigan Festival of Chariots

The Festival of Colors and the Festival of Chariots are two events that I've wanted to attend for the past couple years. Somehow, I always seem to miss them. This year, I really hope to make it to at least one of them! They look like lot of fun and are filled with food, fun, music, community and culture.

12. Eat at Mad Hatter Bistro

The Mad Hatter Bistro is just as it sounds- an adorable little bistro, with afternoon tea based off of the famous Alice in Wonderland character! I've been wanting to try this place out for a while. I must really be loving the "Alice in Wonderland" theme, as my upcoming birthday party is going to be a Psychedelic Mad Hatter Tea Party.

13. Visit Canada (Specifically Toronto)

Canada is so close, yet so far! :P It's honestly kind of amazing that I can be in another country in under an hour. I especially want to visit Toronto and see a play, check out an art gallery, people watch in a park, eat at a local restaurant, etc. It just seems like a place I'd really enjoy.

14. Go to the Renaissance Festival

The renaissance festival is something that I've considered going to for years. My best friend is really into the dark ages, and things like that, so I'm sure she'll be more than happy to go with me. The festival recreates the time period when Queen Elizabeth I reigned. Many people dress up in costumes. There is jousting, juggling, tons of food, games vendors, and sounds like a fun experience. The fair runs for seven weekends and has a different theme each week.

15. Go to Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist, was one of my potential birthday party ideas this year. At Painting with a Twist, you pick out a painting that's been done, and an instructor teaches you how to paint it! You can choose your own colors, bring friends, snacks and drinks. It's a fun idea for a girls night out, or just a night out by yourself! You don't need to be an artist to paint a masterpiece. I think the concept is such a great one and I look forward to attending a class.

So, what is on your summer bucket list?

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Until next time,


  1. Sounds like a fun summer....but NO MAUI????? WHAT???? LOL

  2. Count me in for your trips to Ikea and The Mad Hatter!

  3. So much fun!
    You've inspired me to make my own Bucket List!
    Thanks, sweet woman!

  4. this bucket list sounds so fun!

  5. oh goodness you have so many wonderful things on your list!! I really hope you get to do them all!! Especially the road tripping and bonfire! Friends are so important!

  6. I've done Painitng with a Twist before- so much fun, the Cryotherapy sounds interesting!!
    Road trip with friends is a must, we do family ones now. :) Great list, it had me going "ohh good one!! :)"

  7. Awesome bucket list. I would love to see a drive in movie and I agree that it is a summer favourite to do a roadtrip with friends. x

  8. You definitely have to come to Toronto! Message me if you want tips for places to go (I live there!!) ♡

  9. Hahah, you have to go to eat IKEAs meatballs! Just saying & wow drive-in movie would sound amazing. Wish that here in Finland was that kind of an opportunity!

    <3: Jssmin N

  10. You're summer bucket list sounds amazing! I would especially love to see a post about your adventures to the mad hatter cafe and the renaissance festival <3

  11. Definitely trying out more vegan food & places, and going to a drive-in movie!

  12. Road trip with friends are always amazing. Well written.

  13. Those look like fun! Hope you get to all of them! Having a blogger meet up is on my summer bucket list. :)

  14. OMG! Lauren this is sooo cool! Tell us how it all goes! I'd love to do all those things or at least share one with you.When will you be starting?

  15. OMG! Lauren this is sooo cool! Tell us how it all goes! I'd love to do all those things or at least share one with you.When will you be starting?