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Monday, February 22, 2016

How to dye your hair vibrant colors without bleach!

A few weeks ago, I put a purple wash out color in my hair. I had a lot of people asking me what I used, how they could do it, etc. So, I decided to make a blog post to answer those questions. 

FYI: Generally, my beauty products are vegan...this one is not...but I did use it and think a lot of people will want to try this product.

If you're like me and have dark hair, the only way to get a funky color to show up, would be to bleach your hair. After trying numerous products, I finally found one that actually showed up! I used the Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash-out Hair Color in Pink Pop. With darker hair, the pink turns out as a purple. I have thick hair and was able to cover my hair with only one bottle. Doesn't hurt to buy two bottles, just in case. :)

It'll depend on the your hair type, but the color is supposed to last, 2-3 washes. For me, it stayed the nice vibrant color I started out with, for about three days. I used a flat iron and fading was of minimal concern.

When I first tried this product, I did just a couple of highlights. Strand tests are always recommended. If you're curious as to how it will wash out of your hair and how long it will last, try applying it to a single strand of hair. 

After reading some of the reviews (some were unfavorable), I was unsure about trying this product. I'm glad I decided to go ahead and buy the product. I had no issues and it gave me the color I've been wanting, with no bleaching required.  

Some complained that the texture of their hair felt chalky after application...Similar to using hairspray. The Color Styler uses a clay that coats the hair. Instead of penetrating into the strands, the dye stays on top of the hair until you wash it out. 

If you find your hair is dry or do not like the texture, apply some oil. I used argan oil; moroccan or coconut oil will work as well. 
In general, after surveying the reviews, many of the complaints seemed to have come from people with blonde hair / hair that was dyed a lighter color. I can only speak for someone with dark hair.  

The product runs for about $8 and can be found at the drugstore, Ulta, Target, or Amazon. 


As with other hair dyes, I'd recommend wearing an old T-shirt when applying, because the color will stain. Once dry, my pillow and clothing for stain free. 

You will want to do this process on dry hair. 

Put on the gloves that are provided and shake the unopened bottle. 

Squeeze a couple drops of the product and rub together. You do not want to apply too much at a time, or else it might leave a chalky/more dry texture or potentially result in some chunky pieces. If this occurs, once dry, you can brush or comb the chunks out. 

Run the product through the sections of your hair you want to apply the color. If you are like me, and want to apply it to the majority of your hair, do this in small sections. Keep applying until you get the desired look. 

When your hair has dried completely, use a comb. A brush may make the color fade faster. 

If you do apply oil, you may find some of the color comes off. 

I also like to flat iron or curl it a bit after its dry, because it helps the texture of my hair feel smoother.

This process takes approximately an hour. About ten minutes to put the product on, a half hour letting it dry (depending on your hair), and ten to twenty minutes combing and styling.

Color Selection:

The Garnier Color Styler is available in five different colors: Pink Pop, Blue Burst, Purple Mania, Bronze Attitude and Red Temptation. 

Below you can see how the colors will look depending on the shade of your hair. 

Here is how the Pink Pop looked after applying on unwashed, natural curly hair (January 29th). 

In daylight, after I used a flat iron (January 29th). 

Three days later, it started fading. This picture is from February 3rd. 

And this picture is taken a week after the color was applied, on February 5th. I ended up washing it that night. 

After my first wash, the dye almost completely came out. There was still a small amount of color that wasn't hardly noticeable. And by February 8th, it was entirely gone (If I had washed it after two or three days, I believe it would have left some color). 

I decided to see how the Purple Mania would look in my hair and thought it would be fun to also include some Blue Burst. This was done last night, February 21st. 


After Applying:

Final Result:

I personally like Pink Pop more than Purple Mania. You'll notice the Purple Mania is a more subdued purple on darker hair. I'm loving the blue mermaid look!

What do you think? Which color would you want to try? 

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  1. Great tips! I can't stand my natural hair color so this will come in handy.


  2. Great tips! Bleach is so harmful to hair!

    1. Thanks Allie! It really is..Nice to find an alternative!

  3. Great tips! Love the purple hair. :)


  4. I love this product! I enjoyed your blog...

  5. I used to get purple extensions.. Oh how I loved them but they faded pretty quick. They were dyed over brown extensions for a deeper purple.
    The blue is super pretty on you too!��

    1. Really? How cool!
      I've always wanted extensions. 🙈

  6. Great tips! I love that you don't have to bleach your hair first to achieve the purple color. Thanks for sharing.

    Xo, Jackie

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  8. Wooow it looks super good on you *O*
    The whole haircut and the colour! I love it!
    Maybe I should try something like this one day. For more info look at here now